Our mission is relentless and only made possible through the generosity of people like you who believe in the importance of advancing the Gospel in difficult places. Together, we can proclaim the Gospel and exalt the name of Jesus among the unreached. We humbly invite your prayers and tax-deductible gifts to make our ministry possible.

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Darryl is a Tactical Evangelism trainer, who equips churches and individuals, to reach those from eastern countries. Monthly support enables him to do this important Gospel-centered work.

Project 33

The 33rd parallel passes through 4 of the top 10 countries where persecution of Christians is most encountered. It is estimated 3 out of 5 people in the 10/40 window have little to no access to the Gospel. Our mission is to equip those reaching the lost in areas like these. Jesus lived on Earth 33 years and commanded us to Go Therefore...

Our COO completed the 33 Miles (50k plus 2 additional miles) at Beechwood Farms in Marietta, SC. Thank you to all those that supported this event; prayerfully and financially. We continue to pray that the calling to make disciples in not only heard, but answered, especially in those areas where persecution is most prevalent. The work is not finished and we welcome continued support.

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