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The Gospel is the foundation of all we do. We listen, develop solutions and offer training from experience starting with the fundamentals. Our team partners with a vast network, builds long-term relationships with those we serve and assist with overcoming barriers for those advancing the Gospel on the Frontlines.


It can be difficult to reach people in these areas, but with our training and resources more people can hear the Good News.


Training Programs

Many problems are complex and unique; we use our experiences to focus on creating training programs for those serving in difficult areas:
The Church, Global Missions and Universities


LIGHT: Leadership & Evangelism Training

Tactical Evangelism trains Gospel-Driven believers to be more effective in reaching the lost regardless of the barriers faced within their communities.  Christianity is highly relational and our training philosophy involves continuously striving to master the basics demonstrated by The Master, Jesus Christ.  Through Listening, Instructing, Guidance, Hands-On Application, and Teamwork your evangelist will identify, assess, mitigate and manage the barriers to reaching the lost.

ACTS: Missions Training

Missionaries, their families and mission teams face evolving threats.  Our Advanced Christian Training Series is designed to help master the basics in order to prepare, prevent and respond properly to circumstances faced on the mission field such as:  natural disasters, mechanical failures, criminal/terrorist activities, and socio-political unrest.  Our 3 phase approach provides students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals, apply advance techniques in a hands-on training environment and develop scenarios similar to what is encountered on the mission field.

TEAM: Apologetics & University Event Training

Tactical Evangelism Apologetics Mission is to equip those battling on the frontlines for the souls of our youth.  Universities have become the frontlines in the battle for ideas and some are producing future persecutors of the church.  Our team have facilitated training and launched events at universities across the country to ensure students, campus ministers and local churches are able to defend what and why the believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Let us help train and equip your church, campus director or university student in how to overcome the barriers in this difficult environment.

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