Tactical Evangelism

LIGHT: Listening, Instructing, Guiding, Hands on Application, Teamwork

There is a 12% decline in Americans claiming to be Christians in the last decade.
Many who claim to be Christian are not born again followers of Jesus Christ

LIGHT trains Gospel-Driven believers to be more effective in reaching the lost at difficult areas around churches.  Our training involves relationships, continuously striving to master the basics demonstrated by Jesus Christ, and the evangelism tactics from the Apostles in the book of Acts.

We accomplish LIGHT in 5 phases:

We listen and assess church needs and barriers to the Gospel.

Our teaching goes deep into the essentials: The Gospel, tactics of the Apostles, spiritual warfare, foundational apologetics, and topics that meet expressed needs.

Trainees are guided through round table discussions, role-playing, and Q&A.

Application is a key element of good training. We lead trainees into their community.

We are stronger in numbers (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12). Based on proven special operations small team experience and what is modeled by the New Testament Apostles, we help develop Gospel-driven teams to advance the Gospel and equipping fellow believers to do the same.